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Jenna – Nursing Grad BU 2009

Back in 2003 and photographed the entire graduating class of Elton Collegiate, because they wanted something different than the ‘same old, same old.’ Jenna Dixon was one of those grads and this coming year she will be graduating from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Nursing, RN degree.  Once again, she was looking for something different from what the ‘official’ grad photographer offered, and she came back to have her grad photos done just yesterday. Jenna has grown into a glamorous, mature young woman since I last saw her. See if you don’t agree that we succeeded in creating some unique images for her, and that she is going to charm all her patients while giving them excellent care?






I want to wish Jenna much success in her chosen career, and want to thank her for choosing Images by Inge – Masterworks Images as her grad photographer!


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