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We’re up and running again!

After a couple of days of being off line with the new blog,, all has been restored and two new posts that have been added. Thank you for your patience if you’ve been trying to log in!


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New Blog Crashes!!!!!!

Until further notice, my new blog is off line due to a major crash while updating the website. Keep your figers crossed that the web server has a back up copy so don’t have to re-create it from scratch.

I don’t even want to think about that possibility…. :-(((

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Brand new Blog!

If you’ve been wondering while this blog hasn’t changed since late December 2008, it is because we have set up a new blog at

Check it out and let me know what you think of the new design.  I’d love some feedback!

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Christmas 2008… chez nous!

I can’t think of a better Christmas than the one just past.  My BFF, Marlene Fast, came to stay with us as has become tradition over the years. She arrived on the 23rd and alas, had to leave on the 27th so she could photograph clients whose families were home for the Holidays. But we had 4 glorious days of relaxation, conversation, great food, wine, hot tubs and playing on the computer, like we always do. And with two professional photographers in one house for 4 days, you can imagine the number of images taken! Here are some of mine…

This is ‘senior dog’ – Hunter, dressed for the Holidays… In case you are wondering, that is a wart on his eye, soon to be removed. (It’s very common in the Vizsla breed.)


Grissom is our ‘youngest’… Both boys came from Vizsla Rescue in the States (Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue) and are much loved members of our family.


They both love their Auntie Marlene – she’s another redhead! Here they are relaxing with my husband Michael after a fabulous Christmas dinner.


Clockwise from top left: Hunter waiting for ‘licky-licky plates. Grissom with ‘Daddy’ on the forbidden couch (…yeah, right!) The boys licking the roaster after I made gravy.  They’re the ‘pre-pre-wash cycle’ before the dishwasher. Marlene opening her birthday present (she celebrated on the 16th, but only received her gift on arrival in Brandon).


There is nothing quite like a hot tub in -15 C temperatures, surrounded by mounds of snow, and steam rising from the spa.


After a couple of glasses of champagne followed by a superb Pinot Noir from New Zealand, I got out my camera and this was the result…

The upper right image is a photo of the house down the street completely covered with lights, plus our own Christmas tree reflected in the window. Below it is a glass of port taken by candle light, an angel Christmas ornament, and the crystal vase filled with Christmas tree balls.


The sun shining on the on the ‘forbidden’ couch (now covered with a blanket!) is irresistible for the boys and they spend many hours there, basking in the sun. I knew they were inseparable, but this is ridiculous! 😀



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Holiday Wishes!

HOLIDAY WISHES with memories of Africa from Inge and Michael…


Wishing all my friends and clients a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

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Jenna – Nursing Grad BU 2009

Back in 2003 and photographed the entire graduating class of Elton Collegiate, because they wanted something different than the ‘same old, same old.’ Jenna Dixon was one of those grads and this coming year she will be graduating from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Nursing, RN degree.  Once again, she was looking for something different from what the ‘official’ grad photographer offered, and she came back to have her grad photos done just yesterday. Jenna has grown into a glamorous, mature young woman since I last saw her. See if you don’t agree that we succeeded in creating some unique images for her, and that she is going to charm all her patients while giving them excellent care?






I want to wish Jenna much success in her chosen career, and want to thank her for choosing Images by Inge – Masterworks Images as her grad photographer!

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Child Portraits


“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

~ John W. Whitehead ~

I love photographing children. They are always honest, and true to themselves, never putting on airs, or pretending to be someone they’re not. With children, what you see is what you get. As a photographer you have to understand that you cannot pose a young child – you have to catch them being themselves. If you’re lucky you may get a glimpse into their soul…

Children grow up so fast that before you know it, they are graduating and moving out to start a life on their own. We have a number of clients who have asked us to record their children’s milestones with photographs, particularly when they are very young as they change so much during the early years. Here are some whom we have photographed…














This is Piper Miller, little daughter of Craig and Nicole, who have moved to Landmark MB, and are now clients of my best friend, Marlene Fast.



If you have children of your own call me for a complimentary consultation so that we can discuss what I could offer you by way of child portraits. Let me know what you want and I will create it for you!


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