Calendar Girls – Chapter 3

I have to laugh… when I look at my blog stats, guess which post is getting the most hits? The Calendar Girls!  I wonder why? Is it the notoriety of the subject, is there a lot of prurient curiosity out there, or are people genuinely interested in this fund raising calendar? I really don’t care the reason it is being viewed – I just hope that those that have seen it see it in the way it was meant to be viewed – tasteful photographs of some very giving, beautiful and confident women. Let’s hear it for women’s empowerment! If some of you out there in cyberland would like a copy, they are going for $20 a piece and the proceeds are to go toward the columbarium fund at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Brandon MB. Leave me a message on the blog post and I’ll respond.

So here are the rest… Ms. May is Norma Woodman, needle-worker extraordinaire.


Ms. June is Gwen Elliott, former nurse, still looking smashing!


The July page is graced by none-other than the wife of the Bishop of Huron, Brandon’s Sister Diocese, Kathie Bennett.  She is obviously an avid golfer.


Ms. August is Caroline Mullins, who loves hot tubbing with a nice glass of red wine.


Now you have got to love Betty Coleman. She wasn’t in the original 12 selected for the calendar, because she was away when I was ‘recruiting’, as it were.  So next thing I know the phone rings, and it’s Betty – “What’s this I hear about a calendar? I want to be in it!  And is it going to be full length, because I want to wear my army boots.” Now how can you refuse an offer like that, so she took the September slot, and I got relegated to January 2010. (Yes, I ‘bared it all’ too!) And Betty got to wear her army boots… though not much else! 😀


Ms. October, Peggy Matheson, is a renowned cook and baker, wife of former Shilo Base commander Alex Matheson, and mother of CTV personality, Dan Matheson. Her grand-daughter was heard to say “Granny, you rock!” Isn’t she great?


Ms. November is a stalwart member of the Cathedral, Joan Scrase.  She is probably more fit than the rest of us put together!


Does Ms. December look like a librarian to you?  Albeit now retired, Linda Ross served as librarian at Vincent Massey High School for many years.  I’ll bet her former students never dreamed she’d be doing anything like this!


And finally, I had to put my money where my mouth was, so I bared all to be Ms. January 2010. The photo was taken by my dear friend Marlene Fast in my studio. Marlene is also a professional photographer and you can view her blog at


Thanks for visiting, and thank you to all the Calendar Girls – you rock!



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3 responses to “Calendar Girls – Chapter 3

  1. Ok, seriously! These are amazing! What a great idea and you all look smashing!!!!!!

  2. How sweet of you to say so, Patty. As you can imagine, it has been quite controversial – I’ve been labelled as a ‘pornographer’ by some… 😦

  3. Oh well, that’s how it goes… It’s what happens when you get out of the box (no pun intended… oooh, dirty little mind)…

    But hey, even if you are a pornographer, then you’re my favorite pornographer!!!

    Please please (please!) keep up the amazing work!

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