‘Calendar Girls’

Just about a year ago I had this crazy idea to raise funds for St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral by creating a Calendar Girls calendar with members of the church ladies of St. Matthew’s.  You know Calendar Girls…?!? They were a group of women in Yorkshire who decided to raise money for the local hospital after the husband of one of the ladies had died there of cancer.  They had photographs taken of themselves in the nude, but tastefully covered so no ‘naughty’ bits showed.  The calendar was a huge success, made over £250,000, and resulted in a movie based on this venture.  I knew that nothing like this had been done in Brandon, so I figured… why not?  When I approached the ladies of the Cathedral I was overwhelmed with the positive response!  And so this calendar was born. As it will be going to press soon, I thought it would be appropriate to send out a teaser on my blog.

Here is Ms. January 2009, Bea Jolly, who is a retired teacher from Brandon, currently a member of the Brandon School Board.

Isn’t she wonderful? If you want to see more months, let me know and if you would like to order a calendar, please email me! The calendar is sure to become a collector’s item, and it’s all for a good cause. Cost $20 each.


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