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Hot and Spicy!

Last week I had a really fun session with a new client who shall stay anonymous for obvious reasons, when you view the images. 🙂 As this will be a Christmas present for her husband, I won’t be posting any images in which she can be identified.  But I had to share with you a couple that were among my favourites.


… and SPICY!

Isn’t she gorgeous? I think husband will be thrilled with his present. 🙂



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My favourite clients – The Robbs

5 years ago in September I received a call from Joanna Robb who had had a baby girl early that year and she wanted a family portrait done with husband Jay and baby Emily. I have been photographing this family on a regular basis since then and have had the privilege of watching Emily growing up.  Emily is more serious, but a real little lady who loves finding grasshoppers in the grass!

Then a new addition came along, Danica, who is now 3. She is a lively, happy-go-lucky girl who is constantly moving and exploring.  She is also a delight to photograph, and I love observing how the two girls’ personalities are developing in separate directions.  I think you will be able to see this in the photos below.

Last November, the Robbs were pleased to add a son to their family, when Aiden was born.  He is now 10 months old and has been walking since age 9 months! One active little guy!

Last Friday I went out to the Robb ‘homestead’ just west of Brandon and spent a couple pleasurable hours photographing all five in the family. This is their third family session with me and all have been a blast! See if you don’t agree that this is an amazing family! I love to photograph them!!!!

Their property is on the Assiniboine River Valley, so naturally one image had to be looking down the slope toward the valley.

Meet Emily… isn’t she sweet?

This is Danica…

And this is Aiden…

Now here is an assortment of images from the session…

Dad Jay walking in the woods with Danica.

I love this image of Dani and Aiden!

A mother’s comforting touch…



The Robbs have a number of apple trees on their property and one of the trees was just groaning with this years crop.  The apples just had to be picked 🙂

Jay has built a play area for the kids so we had to do some photos there too!

He also built a play house, which was just PERFECT for doing a vertical of the family on the steps.

I am so privileged to be the Robb’s family photographer.  Thank you for allowing me to document your family’s growth! I look forward to many many more sessions with you.

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‘Calendar Girls’… more images

OK, I haven’t had many requests for additional posts of the images from the calendar, but I’m going to put up a few more just because…  🙂

Here is Ms February, Edna Knock, Professor Emeritus Brandon University School of Music.

… and this is Lisa MacDonald-Murray, wife of Rev. Mark Murray of Souris, and a University Professor in her own right.

And the last one for this post is Ms April, Phyl Elliott, wife of retired Brandon physician Al Elliott.

Thank you all for offering to be in the calendar!

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‘Calendar Girls’

Just about a year ago I had this crazy idea to raise funds for St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral by creating a Calendar Girls calendar with members of the church ladies of St. Matthew’s.  You know Calendar Girls…?!? They were a group of women in Yorkshire who decided to raise money for the local hospital after the husband of one of the ladies had died there of cancer.  They had photographs taken of themselves in the nude, but tastefully covered so no ‘naughty’ bits showed.  The calendar was a huge success, made over £250,000, and resulted in a movie based on this venture.  I knew that nothing like this had been done in Brandon, so I figured… why not?  When I approached the ladies of the Cathedral I was overwhelmed with the positive response!  And so this calendar was born. As it will be going to press soon, I thought it would be appropriate to send out a teaser on my blog.

Here is Ms. January 2009, Bea Jolly, who is a retired teacher from Brandon, currently a member of the Brandon School Board.

Isn’t she wonderful? If you want to see more months, let me know and if you would like to order a calendar, please email me! The calendar is sure to become a collector’s item, and it’s all for a good cause. Cost $20 each.

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